Bucket of Potatoes

If you’re like me you buy a sack of potatoes, forget to eat them all, and find them hinding on your top shelf 2 months later. The crazy shoots and rooty tendrils look pretty cool but the potato is never as tasty. Even though a good scrub-down makes it look normal again, the soft and mushy feeling is there to stay. I’m sure there’s some old Irish potato famine recipe to stew these back to life but baking it is always a losing proposition.

Anyways, I’ve always read that those store bought potatoes can come covered in disease and will never grow as good as a true seed potato. A trip to Hastings always turns into a stroll through Mr. Miagi’s backyard. Remember all the work Daniel put into sanding the floors, painting the fence, and hammering the nails? Well, Hastings looks nothing like that but is equally as cool. They have little outdoor paths, fish ponds, wooden bridges, and a fully functioning train set that circles around some of the cooler plants.

Back to the potatoes, from what I’ve read they should be a no-brainer to grow. So, I’ll just fill a 5 gallon container about 1/3 of the way with dirt, toss in the seed potato, a little more dirt, and then saturate it with water.

I should be able to make my way to Hastings this weekend but I might change my plans on where I set the bucket. Since the temperature keeps slipping under freezing I’ll probably start them inside and leave them out during the day.

Regardless, I wish all gardening was this easy!

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