Green Home Automation

One of the projects I’ve been working on for the past 2 years is installing Green Home Automation systems. You can check out more details at Real Genius Designs.

In a nutshell, a normal automation system gives you control over all of your home’s appliances, lighting, television, music, and phone systems. You can program it to handle these devices without you having to lift a finger or through simple interfaces like touchscreens, remote controls, cell phones, or voice commands.

Taking this system and making it green usually involves shrinking down all of the main control modules so they use as little power as possible. Whether it’s installing low-power computers, wireless sensors, or energy-efficient devices, there are many ways to create a jaw-dropping home experience while lowering your power bills, too.

There are literally thousands of ways to go about installing an automation system and no 2 homes will ever be the same. Since my loft is always the testbed for my newest custom devices I plan to show you some of the coolest pieces as I build them. I’ll try to show the details for the most interesting builds before I either tear them apart for my next project or install them in my clients’ homes.

The design process never ends and there’s always something new to work on. At least I’ll never get bored. Hopefully, you won’t either!

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