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Why start a blog now?

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Ever since I can remember I’ve been working. Surprisingly, I actually like working and don’t mind clocking 80-90 hours a week to create something new or make something better. Maybe it’s the young and naive in me talking but I can’t ever imagine retiring. I might have enough money to quit the dayjob but I’ll always be working.

Whenever I put on my Engineering cap it’s easy to bury my head in a problem and forget to look up until I’m neck deep. Sometimes it’s too late to back out or it’s 2 months later and I’m left wondering where the time went.

Now, I have no real problem doing this for the dayjob or my hobbies (at least one of those pays me each week). From day 1 I’ve always loved inventing things and starting from scratch. But, a lot of the time I find myself sidetracked wallowing in some rabbit hole of a problem wasting my only real limited resource: time. The worst part hits me when I see how much I let my original plan get pulled in different directions and it’s too late to go back. Whether I did it to myself or let everyone else have a hand in it, ultimately, I never gave the idea a real shot.

Maybe someday I can look back and have the freedom to talk about them openly. Most likely they’ll be sealed like the JFK files to protect the living!

I can’t guarantee I’ll never make these mistakes again but at least if I write them down here I might save someone else from doing the same. At the very least I’ll have a good timeline of all the places I could have done it right. Along the way I can share some of the neat things I’ve found out with the other 12 people who pretend to care!

Either way, I’ll never stop trying and learning how not to do it right. I’m guessing you’re interested in seeing how it ends or you wouldn’t have read this far (or you’re my mom). I’ll try not to bore you too much along the way.